10 Best Cat Costume Reviews and Buyers Guide

best cat costume reviews

best cat costume reviews and guideIt’s almost time to start preparing for Halloween. This year’s festivities will probably be different from previous years, thanks to social distancing, but at least you can let your cat get all dressed up, even if it’s just going to be you two on the couch watching Netflix horror movies. Whether your feline best friend has a super spooky cat vibe or more of a trend-setter, they’re the perfect star to take on Halloween this year.

What is it about a cat in a costume that’s absolutely attractive? Any cat owner knows their feline friend has a certain style, but when that style meets a cape or cap, it becomes totally adorable. Whether you’re entering a costume contest with your cat  or just want a festive outfit for the holidays, there’s a best cat costume to fit for every occasion.

Dressing up is not only for children. With the best cat costumes your feline friend can also join in for the party. If you are looking for a costume for an occasion, a family get together, or just to add to your cat’s cuteness factor where do you start? Our panel of pet experts and cat lovers have put together a list of the 10 best cat costumes for you.

We reviewed dozens of best cat costumes in the best the market, from frilly and pink to devilishly handsome. We looked for costumes that come in different sizes and that are made of materials that will hold up to a claw or two. We also wanted to represent a range of options since Halloween isn’t the only time you might want to dress up your cat.

1.Mikayoo Pet Cat -Halloween Costumes

Mikayoo Pet Dog Cat Halloween Costumes Key Features

2.OMG Adorables LionMane -Costume for Cat

OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Cat Key Features

3.Shappy 3 Pieces – Adjustable Pets Dog Cat Bow Tie 

Shappy 3 Pieces Adjustable Pets Dog Cat Bow Tie Key Features

4.Idepet Pet Dog Halloween Christmas– Costume Dog Cloak Bat Wings

Idepet Pet Dog Halloween Christmas Costume Dog Cloak Bat Wings Key Features

5.Legendog Cat Crown Hat-Adorable Cat Costumes 

Legendog Cat Crown Hat, Adorable Cat Costumes Key Features

6.Mogoko Funny Dog -Cat Shark Costumes

Mogoko Funny Dog Cat Shark Costumes Key Features

7.YuDanae Animal Tom Nook – Shirt for Cat Small

YuDanae Animal Tom Nook Shirt for Cat Small Key Features

8.Bolbove Pet Christmas – Santa Claus Suit

Bolbove Pet Christmas Santa Claus Suit Key Features

9.Frienda 3 Pieces Pet– Halloween Vampire Costume 

Frienda 3 Pieces Pet Halloween Vampire Costume Key Features

10.Delifur Cowboy Pet – Costume with Hat Dog Carrying 

Delifur Cowboy Pet Costume with Hat Dog Carrying Key Features

Why should you buy a Cat Costume?

Do you own a cat? Then you should maybe buy a cat costume. Truth be told, cat costumes might not be for every cat owner and certainly not every cat. But, they’re a fun way to adore on your pet and get a good laugh from his charming appearance. Cat costumes can be a fun addition to family pictures, themed parties, and holidays. If you want your cat to be part of a large event like a wedding, you can find a costume to go along with the theme or dress them like the prince or princess they are.

However, cat costumes aren’t for every cat. Some models fit around your cat’s neck, near where their collar rests. These costumes are best for cats that don’t like their ears or heads touched. For those that are more tolerant, there are fun caps, collars, headbands, and hoods that instantly transform your pet.

Buyers Guide to choose Best Cat Costumes

A best cat costume should fit your intended purpose or theme, but it will need to meet a number of other standards too. Here’s what to consider when selecting a cat costume:

Size: Cats vary in size, and some costumes come in several sizes as they’re intended for both cats and dogs. However, others are one size fits all, which may or may not work for your cat. Make sure to read the fit instructions to know where and how to measure. Then, double check your measurements to be sure you order a costume in the right size. You might have to add to your cat’s measurements based on the length and thickness of his fur.

Fabric: Stiff fabrics that don’t move with your cat are likely to be met with an unhappy wearer. Cotton and cotton/polyester blends are a good bet most of the time. Those with a bit of stretch will fit your cat better and allow him to more easily go about his normal activities.

Theme, holiday, and purpose: What kind of costume are you looking for? Halloween, Christmas, cute, funny, quirky? If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you’ll save yourself some time searching. Think about the fact that Halloween costumes don’t have to be witches or pumpkins. You can buy a costume that pulls double duty and can be useful in multiple seasons. Then again, cat costumes are inexpensive, and it can be fun to have a few different options for various occasions. A fancy gown or bowtie for weddings, bat wings for Halloween, and a Santa hat for the holidays can make for some incredibly fun photos.

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