10 Best Cat Dental Treat Reviews and Buyers Guide

best cat dental treat reviews

best cat dental treat reviews and guideThe best cat dental treats for cats are more than crunchy mint-flavoured snacks. They contain active ingredients that help to keep your cat’s teeth clean and his gums healthy.

Dental treats can make be a nice addition to your cat’s diet that not only taste great, but also work to remove plaque build-up and improve dental health. There are a whole bunch of various shapes, sizes, and flavours out there, each claiming to be the most effective dental treat.

Cat dental treats are an exceptional way to supplement routine teeth brushing. While they are not a complete replacement for brushing your cat’s teeth, they will help keep those pearly whites from becoming overrun with plaque and tartar.

The best cat dental treats are low in residue-building carbohydrates and have enzymes that can consume the bacteria remaining in your cat’s mouth, reducing the likelihood of plaque and eventual tartar build-up.

Brushing your cat’s teeth is the most effective way to avoid periodontal disease, supplementing that routine with daily dental treats for cats can be extremely helpful. Giving your cat a dental chew as a part of their regular oral care regimen will promote clean teeth, healthy gums and overall well-being.

The biggest differences between the dental treats listen in the above are typically the vitamin content and flavouring. There really isn’t very much variety between brands when it comes to cat dental treats, so it’s mostly down to finding a flavour and shape that your cats love. Here is a list of 10 best cat dental treats that you are buy for your cat without and hesitation.

1.H&H Pets Dog Toothbrush & Dual Headed-Toothbrush Best Professional

H&H Pets Dog Toothbrush & Dual Headed Toothbrush Best Professional Key Features

2.Purina DentaLife– Adult Cat Treats

Purina DentaLife Adult Cat Treats Key Features

3.Beefeaters Sweet Potato -Wrapped with Chicken Treat 

Beefeaters Sweet Potato Wrapped with Chicken Treat Key Features

4.Arm & Hammer Pets Dental– Care for Cats | Water Additive

Arm & Hammer Pets Dental Care for Cats | Water Additive

5.bluestem Pet Water Additive Oral Care– for Dogs & Cats Bad Breath

bluestem Pet Water Additive Oral Care: for Dogs & Cats Bad Breath Key Features

6.Blue Wilderness Chicken  –Soft-Moist Cat Treats

Blue Wilderness Chicken And Duck Grain Free Soft-Moist Cat Treats Key Features

7.Natural Catnip Toys for Cats – Refillable Cat Dental Treats

Natural Catnip Toys for Cats Refillable Cat Dental Treats Key Features

8.IQ Treat BallDurable Non Toxic- BPA Free-Strong Tooth

IQ Treat Ball Durable Non Toxic- BPA Free-Strong Tooth Key Features

9.Rena’s Recipe Kitty -Slim Thins Chicken and Fish

Rena’s Recipe Kitty Slim Thins Chicken and Fish Key Features

10.Dental Wipes For Dogs & Cats– Teeth Cleaning Finger Wipes Tooth Cleaner.

Dental Wipes For Dogs & Cats: Teeth Cleaning Finger Wipes Tooth Cleaner Key Features

Qualities of Effective Dental Treats

Each cat has unique oral healthcare needs, which means a treat that may be effective for one kitty may not work as well for another.

When picking out dental treats for your cat, it’s more important to choose one based on your cat’s current oral health situation.

When shopping for your cat teeth cleaning treats, do not be overly impressed by anything that claims to result in minty fresh breath. Instead, you should be looking for something large enough that your cat has to chew it.

Many of the smaller treats that claim to take off plaque with their texture are actually small enough for your cat to swallow whole. When it comes to treats and cat dental chews, the bigger ones are always the better.

On top of size, read any claims made by the manufacturers about any testing they have done. You will want dental treats that have been clinically proven to improve dental health.

Be sure that the treats have been shown to leave little to no residue behind. A treat that ends up sitting your cat’s teeth can actually make things worse instead of better.

Many treats on the market do nothing more than freshen your cat’s breath, which is great but only masks deeper issues. Be sure to find the best cat dental treats that attack the problems at their source.

Features to look for in Best Cat Dental Treats

Below are some important features to consider when choosing the best dental treats for your cat:

VOHC seal of approval: VOHC is the acronym for Veterinary Oral Health Council. Some cat dental treats have this seal on the packaging, which means that the VOHC has deemed the treats effective in plaque and tartar reduction. But don’t worry – just because cat dental chews don’t have the VOHC seal doesn’t mean they won’t be beneficial for your cat!

Flavour: A majority of cat dental treats are available in popular proteins such as chicken and salmon. Luckily most of the treats on our list come in several different flavours, so you can pick one based on your cat’s preferences.

Size: Bear in mind that cat dental treats are specifically designed to be larger than traditional treats, in order to encourage more chewing activity, as our beloved felines are known to swallow their treats without chewing it. Furthermore, cat treats are only useful when they are chewed by our beloved felines. The shapes of the cat treats are designed to rub against the teeth of your cat for effective cleaning, also make sure that they are not extra hard or whimsical in shape as they can cause irritation in your cat’s mouth instead of cleaning it.

Texture and shape: Dental treats for cats generally have a unique shape specifically designed to scrape plaque and tartar off teeth. Some shapes are larger than others, and the size is important to take into consideration if your kitty has trouble chewing.

Caloric intake: Most of the cat dental treats tend to have about 2 calories per treat on average. If your cat is on a weight management plan, you may want to purchase cat treats that have less than 2 calories per snack.

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